5 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites For Beginner in 2022

5 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites For Beginner in 2022

People don't know what is affiliate marketing is online retail just you can sell a digital product and after you sale a product and company provide a Commission per product Commission affiliate marketing main focus on sale generate more sale more commission and more earning 

5 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites For Beginner


How to make money with affiliate marketing ?

5 Tools & Website to start a affiliate marketing for free in 2022 let's go to discuss 5 Website & tools


1.    Digistore 24

2.    Article factory

3.    Ezine Articles

4.    Spinbot       

5.    Pinterest



1-Digistore24 ) store an online product selling website for providing the product and you can just select a product and sale product is getting formation through digistore24

People don't know how to create Digistore 24 ID for free. I 'm gonna suggest you go to YouTube and search how to create a digistore24 ID.


2-Article factory) article factory is a Copyright-free content providing website according to your needs and You will just select an article and copy and I will tell you how to copy and paste and copyright-free automatically ok And same other website is called EzineArticles this website for helping much other content copyright free you can use on your website and rank through SEO.

3-Spinbot ) Sprinbot  to help you copyright free article for zero plagiarism You can go article factor website and copy the article and paste it to spinbot and click on rewrite Button on Spinbot providing a special article for free plagiarism (That's all to create your content copyright free Now you can see rank on your article through Pinterest so how to Rank on your Article through Pinterest .


4-Pinterest ) Pinterest used for traffic So let me explain (According to Niches Example fitness That you can go to article factory fitness category and select the article and copy the article then go to spinbot and paste the article for content and rewrite the article Create a post on your website and copy the article link and go to Pinterest and create a Pin You don't know how to create Pinterest pin then go to YouTube and search how to create Pinterest pin Create a pin and publish it different country to your targeted and targeted country and get a sale from Pinterest on your website and you will get a commission from there 



That's all about our five tolls and website to start affiliate marketing for a beginner I hope you you read this article thanks  

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